Death Of Lord Percy [An Aristocratic Sleuths Mystery] is my first cozy crime book featuring two eccentric aristocratic sleuths who had recently retired from the army. A young lady goes missing from her home in London. The action takes one to Lourdes and the Pyrenees where vineyards and racecourses are visited. How the girl's father died soon becomes their most important mission.

It is a light-hearted humorous book but also shows the compassionate nature of the amateur detectives.

Death Of Lord Percy by David Wilson.

Published by Cozy Cat Press

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Scottish Poetic Treasury

Scottish Poetic Treasury contains a selection of poems from the older Scottish poets, which I have specially selected, who come from varied backgrounds and occupations. These range from the genius of Walter Scott through to ministers, flax-dressers, bool-sellers, bakers, farmers and shepherds. They all have in common a love for their own country of Scotland.

Scottish Poetic Treasury

Compiled by David Wilson.

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Dare to Dream


This is an enthralling story of how a young girl overcame rejection by members of her family and endured all the traumas that life threw at her while still protecting her siblings. The reader will find out if her dream came true.

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