Tess Wilson

I am passionate about books. Since I was a child, I dreamt of writing something to give out to readers like me who want to expand their knowledge about anything, more about life itself. Experiences also gave me ideas to do more things I could not do without reading. So, i made up my mind, I have to share these ideas and experiences I have living in our society. I encourage everyone to read books of any genre. You will soon found out who you really are like what it did to me.  Learning cultures thru foods, poems and travelling the world at your own pace thru books is totally captivating! I welcome everyone to come and see our world through this site!!


David Wilson

I live with my wife Tess and collie dog Millie in a small village on the north-west coast of Scotland which is surrounded by beautiful scenery where deer and rabbits roam. I am into photography, landscape painting, fishing on hill lochs and walking with my wife and my dog Millie.

I am now concentrating on writing light-hearted amateur detective mysteries. My first book of a series about the adventure of Bigsby and James, two ex-army officers of the aristocracy. The first one is on the market on amazon which was published by Cozy Cat Press in Illinois, USA. I am currently writing the second book of  the Aristocrat Mystery series..